• Both in buying and in selling real estate, Ginny is exceptional in her integrity and in the level of professional care she delivers to her clients. When we finally bought our “this is it!” piece of country heaven twenty-three years ago, as our agent she had led us to that point with patience, enthusiasm, and a thorough and experienced eye to the details that matter. Not only did Ginny possess a keen sense of “the right fit” for her clients, her commitment to our comfort in settling in, even as weekenders, continued long after our purchase.


    When it came time to sell the farm, Ginny was our preferred choice amongst all the agents, and in her own sensitive and caring way understood all too well just how emotionally difficult this would be. Her compassionate professionalism was underscored by her enormous desire to help in packing, sorting, and being a shoulder to the sadness of leaving. Few are the agents who actually become a good friend. That in itself is testimony to the qualities that make Ginny the exceptional choice.


    Nancy Falconer