• I have contracted with Ginny MacEachern to help me rent my property in Mulmur Twp on three separate occasions.


    Ginny is an exemplary real estate agent. She is thorough, hardworking and accommodating. Ginny knows the Mulmur Hills market thoroughly, having a deep working knowledge of the area’s inhabitants (she and her family have farmed in the area for decades). As well Ginny has a sophisticated understanding of the Toronto real estate market that often drives the local market. She is well connected in both Toronto and the Mulmur Hills.


    Ginny has a team of people that she employs to back up her business, from a list of support staff who can clean a house, remove snow or do yard work to creating her virtual tour on her web site. Ginny is generous with her insight, professionalism and contacts. Ginny’s web site has worked well for me. Her knowledge of local opportunities such as the ski clubs, media and organizations such as Camp Borden has been indispensable.


    Ginny herself is tireless and committed and professional at all times. When showing my house she is discreet, creative and positive and has very good instincts for the fit of my property to prospective lessors.


    I have the feeling always that Ginny is committed to the best possible outcome for all concerned. Ginny is always fair. Since contracting with Ginny I feel as though I have a real powerhouse at my back. I feel confident that I am well represented when she shows my property and I feel confident following her advice. Ginny is worth every penny I have invested in her to help me meet my goals.


    If I ever sell my property, Ginny MacEachern will be my listing agent.


    Martha Bull