• Dear Ginny,


    It has now been a little more than a month since we’ve taken possession of our Mulmur property, and suffice it to say, we are loving it.


    Given how robust the real estate market seems to be in Mulmur, we knew that it might take a while to find the appropriate opportunity – especially given our budget guidelines. In addition, we made no secrets about our lack of familiarity with what the purchase of a recreational property in that area entails, especially as it relates to the requirements of the NEC. As such, your patient guidance was exactly what was needed to give us the level of comfort necessary to ultimately be prepared to present an offer once we finally found the right site.


    We are very excited to be in (back in) Mulmur and trust that the house that we’ve purchased is perfect for our needs. Thank you again for your efforts on our behalf.


    Kind regards,

    Mark Robert