• Ginny has been a friend for over 20 years and more recently a client in my equestrian boarding barn. Her reputation is that she is one of the most solid and reputable real-estate agents in our area. My decision to use Ginny as my agent was made with complete comfort and knowledge that I had the best person working for me.


    Ginny went the extra mile for me with hosting an open house (which also included lunch), her custom made signs that were appropriate for this unique sale and her continued advertising in several real-estate magazines in our area and in Toronto.


    Her attention to detail is beyond reproach. Nothing is ever missed. Her professional attitude and her respect within the real-estate community brought the attention of our farm to several companies, ultimately leading to a final sale.


    Her caring nature walked us through the entire process of endless paperwork and lawyers with ease. I felt I truly had a professional looking out for my best interests and cared continually how I felt and if I was content with each transaction.


    Thank you Ginny for your consideration, care and attention in helping me handle an emotional sale with ease.


    Darlene Tripp-Simms