• As we’ve found out, all good things (and there are many of them) in Mulmur come through referrals, and we’re thrilled that one of our best friends, also a Mulmur resident, recommended Ginny.


    We had a good idea of what we wanted but weren’t sure of the how or the when: Ginny’s special skill was translating that, using a lifetime of experience in the area, into a selection of properties that as we saw them, really helped us zero in on what we actually wanted – no mean feat! The house we bought ticks ALL the boxes that mattered and after our first weekend there, we’re already in love: with the property, and with Mulmur.


    But what really stands out is Ginny’s network: for every question and aspect of coming new to an area, you had great advice or a thoughtful recommendation, every one of which was worth its weight in gold. That’s special, as it was a foretaste of what was to come: a genuine welcome to a hidden gem, and a relationship not a transaction.


    With Ginny you’ll be in welcoming, knowledgeable and safe hands, but be prepared to up your game as a purchaser: she’s energy-packed and moves fast both on and off the road!


    Rupert Duchesne

  • We appreciated all of your stamina and courage to stomp through the deep snow, both at Woodcroft Farm and the new property. You seem to really thrive in stalking out the land! We enjoyed bushwhacking too!


    Your advice and your guidance through our decision to buy and sell the properties was extremely helpful.


    Again, thanks,

    Blair and Ann Ferguson

  • We have never regretted coming to Mulmur. Thank you for being a guide and wise counsel. We have encouraged awestruck visitors (and given them your name) hoping that they will consider the Mulmur Hills. We hope the chickens will come home to roost.


    With thanks,

    Mary and Tom Ouchterlony

  • Dear Ginny,


    Thank you very much for your help with the purchase of my land. I found your knowledge and advice extremely valuable when it came time to making a final decision, especially your knowledge of the Mulmur area market.


    Thanks again,

    Matt Feldmann

  • Ginny MacEachern was a pleasure to deal with from the day we first met until the day we closed the deal. She handled herself very professionally informing us that she could give us advice on everything but the bidding price as her first priority was her client who was selling the property. That being said, Ginny was always accessible went out of her way to find out info about the property as well as repeatedly tramping around the property lines in the middle of winter – no easy feat! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for property in this area as she has lived and worked in the area for a long time and is very familiar with local issues.



    Anne Arrell

  • Dear Ginny,


    Many thanks for all your professional help with the purchase of our property in Mulmur. We looked at a lot of places over a long period of time. You were patient – and very good about showing us only properties that met our criteria.


    You obviously know the area extremely well and know the questions to ask potential owners – perchers versus nestlers, etc.


    We could not be happier with the property that we bought last fall and are grateful to you for taking the time after closing to introduce us to some of our neighbours.


    We have already recommended to other buyers that they contact you.


    All the best,

    Sue and Biff Matthews

  • Ginny stands out from the pack. Why? Because she really listens to her clients. Three years after Ginny found our dream home in Mulmur, we still marvel how she was able to hone in on exactly what we wanted – and how she was able to find it. Would we recommend her to others? Absolutely and without hesitation!


    Bob Presner

  • When my husband and I began our search for property near Creemore, we had no idea of what looking for a country property entailed. Ginny worked with us for over a year, providing a thorough education about the “ins and outs” of buying in the country. Despite a very tight market, Ginny found us the perfect property at a fair price. We were delighted with her professionalism, her hard work and her follow-up assistance, even after the property was purchased. We can confidently recommend Ginny for anyone looking for a home in the Hills of Mulmur.


    Victoria and Stuart Lazier

  • Years ago now we were introduced to Creemore by friends and immediately fell in love with the area. After a couple of years of traipsing around Creemore on our own looking for property and missing out on opportunities, things weren’t looking all that positive. Our friends (now neighbours!) introduced us to Ginny and one of her listings. One month, start to finish and we moved in. The often interesting buyer/seller negotiation was handled terrifically by Ginny. She took the time to walk the land with us and to get whatever information we asked of her. When someone asks me for an agent’s name for the area, Ginny’s is the only one I give. After the sale, she has continued to help us with great local contacts and even social events. We’ve met many of our neighbours through her parties. It’s nice to know that Ginny will be a willing resource long after the sale is done.


    Brian Koturbash and Andrea White

  • Finding the country home of our dreams turned out to be easy with Ginny MacEachern leading the way. Ginny took our list of wants and needs and managed to find a single property that surpassed all our expectations. She was a joy to work with and now we have a weekend home, a new neighbour and a friend for life.


    Kimberley Seldon

  • Dear Ginny,


    Just a note to say thank you for your efforts on the sale of my 10 acre property in Creemore. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly this property sold.


    You handled yourself very professionally. I was impressed with the ease at which you dealt with objections, concerns, and questions which happened to come up during the “emotionally charged” circumstances surrounding this property. Your knowledge and advice was extremely valuable when it came time to making the final decision
    Thank you for bringing me a buyer in such a short time, with full listing price, and guiding me toward a successful close.


    With Thanks.



    Catherine Morrissey

  • Ginny MacEachern was an enormous asset to us. We benefited from her knowledge of the Mulmur and surrounding area, as well as her professional knowledge as our buying agent. Ginny was even gracious to us with her expertise when we were selling our house in Orangeville privately. Ginny’s warmth and understanding helped us through this very stressful time and made our lives a lot easier. We could not have asked for a better agent.


    Thanks Ginny,

    Brigitte and Jim Sheremeta

  • Ginny MacEachern’s knowledge of the Township of Mulmur and surrounding areas is encyclopedic. Her familiarity with the area and the availability of properties will be of particular assistance to first-time buyers who are uncertain about the options available to them. Ginny is also extremely generous with her time and knowledge in helping property owners find the services and other assistance they require once they have acquired their properties.


    Chris Portner

  • Hi Ginny,


    It has been on my mind for some time to send you this email to say a very big thank you.


    When we were thinking about buying a recreational home in the Mulmur area, and were doing some preliminary investigations, your name kept on coming up… everywhere!! In fact, some friends of ours in the area said that there is no one else to even think about connecting with and that you are the real deal. And, Ginny you are. From our very first conversation with you, we knew we were in the right hands. First, you asked all the right questions and second you listened! We have bought and sold quite a few homes and really appreciated working with someone who really connected with exactly what we were looking for.


    Thanks to you, we quickly found our dream second home and obviously thought that our relationship with you would come to an end. But, as you had promised during the purchasing cycle, you helped us get “settled”. We were very new to the concept of having a second home and you made it feel so easy, so seamless. We appreciated all of your advice and answers to our questions, long after we had already bought the place.


    Ginny, words cannot do justice to how happy we are in our Mulmur home. You were right, it is a life changer. Thank you so very much.


    Warmest regards,

    Jane and Larry Goldberg

  • Dear Ginny,


    Thanks so much for your amazing hospitality and enthusiasm! Not only do we love our new Mulmur property, but we really appreciate all your ‘un-real estate related’ offers of help too (names of babysitters, services in the area, etc.).


    Nobody knows more about Mulmur – or more people! – than Ginny MacEachern. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you and your family.


    Kind regards,

    Laura, Mike, Ray and Jessie Nininger

  • Hi Ginny,


    Just a quick note to say thanks for all your help on our rather unexpected purchase of our new Mulmur place. Everything happened in a flash — but it was all orderly and buttoned-down thanks to your hard work. Best of all, your instincts on a whole range of issues were bang on all the way along. And thanks also for being so kind after all the transactions were wrapped up — making sure we had the chance to meet some of our new Mulmur neighbours.



    John, Maggie, Evan and Avery Foote

  • Dear Ginny,


    It has now been a little more than a month since we’ve taken possession of our Mulmur property, and suffice it to say, we are loving it.


    Given how robust the real estate market seems to be in Mulmur, we knew that it might take a while to find the appropriate opportunity – especially given our budget guidelines. In addition, we made no secrets about our lack of familiarity with what the purchase of a recreational property in that area entails, especially as it relates to the requirements of the NEC. As such, your patient guidance was exactly what was needed to give us the level of comfort necessary to ultimately be prepared to present an offer once we finally found the right site.


    We are very excited to be in (back in) Mulmur and trust that the house that we’ve purchased is perfect for our needs. Thank you again for your efforts on our behalf.


    Kind regards,

    Mark Robert

  • Ginny MacEachern provided wonderful service in selling the property of my deceased brother-in-law. As a friend and neighbour, she was practically the property manager as the property was vacant. She communicated well with the three widely dispersed trustees and the lawyer. I would recommend her without reservation.


    Thank you again, Ginny,

    Dr. Fraser Parrott

  • Ginny MacEachern is a wonderful friend and an outstanding real estate representative. She has come to visit us from time to time over the last several years and has given us her opinion of the value of our farm. When we decided to put the farm on the market this year, there was no doubt that Ginny should be our realtor. She has been professional in every way, and has given us excellent advice throughout.


    After our property was listed, she came with a wonderful photographer, who took pictures and produced an excellent virtual tour of our farm, which was placed on Ginny’s website. Within two weeks of our listing the property, she showed it to a wonderful couple, who had seen the virtual tour and who then made an offer. Ginny negotiated several amendments to the offer on our behalf, and this resulted in a very prompt sale of our farm. We recommend Ginny very highly as our only choice for representation on any real estate matter in the area.



    Stan and Jean Edwards

  • Ginny MacEachern was the listing agent when we bought the above-mentioned property in 1995.


    When we decided to sell in 2007, we contacted Ginny MacEachern, and because she had knowledge of properties in the area, she was our obvious choice of an agent.


    She marketed the property to our satisfaction. Her expertise in rural regulations certainly made the sale run smoothly.


    We were very satisfied and would not hesitate to recommend her to others.



    Mary and Clark Winter

  • Ginny has been excellent to work with on all fronts. She gave us a real feel for the area and helped us focus on what we wanted. After the close she continues to go beyond the call of duty to make us feel warm, welcome, and part of the community. Her love for the area and the lifestyle that it offers is infectious.


    Ginny has been wonderful to work with and we look forward to a continued friendship with her.


    We would highly recommend Ginny.


    Mindi and Tom MacKinnon

  • The license plate ?MULMUR?, on the pickup truck disappearing (often at an alarming rate of speed) into the cloud of dust ahead of you as you race to a new listing, says it all. Ginny MacEachern IS real estate in Mulmur, and she’s usually moving fast.


    We were lucky to have her as our agent when we searched for the perfect property. Ginny stayed with us throughout this process, never for a moment doubting that we would ultimately be thrilled with our purchase. Which we are.


    But it doesn’t seem to end there. We’ve seen as much of Ginny and Norm SINCE buying as we did BEFORE buying. How many of you can say that about a real estate agent you’ve dealt with?


    We recommend Ginny to anyone considering real estate in this beautiful township.


    Kris and Chris Dingle

  • Thanks to Ginny MacEachern we were able to find a great property that had not yet come onto the market. She was a pleasure to deal with and was very professional and knowledgeable. She was full of useful advice once we had actually purchased the property. We would not hesitate to recommend her to our friends and family.


    Vicky and Bob MacDonald

  • When we decided to sell our Mulmur home, we quickly settled on Ginny MacEachern as our agent, based on her local reputation. We soon learned why she is one of the best agents in the area; she is thorough, aggressive, and well organized, and understands the Mulmur real estate business, arguably better than anyone else. As an example of her thoroughness, Ginny developed a “roadmap” to best show our somewhat complex property, and prevailed on several buyers’ agents to use it. We always felt very comfortable when Ginny was showing it herself, because we knew she would do it exceptionally well.


    We were anxious to sell because we had decided on a fairly significant life style change, and wanted to get on with it. Unfortunately, the market in 2008 was softening quickly, especially for a property such as ours. Since we spend half the year in the sunny south, our selling window was a bit narrow, but with Ginny’s perseverance, and some luck, we were able to complete the sale in time to get away at our usual time.


    We have no hesitation in recommending Ginny to anyone planning to sell or buy a Mulmur property.



    Pat and Tony Black

  • Ginny MacEachern is much more than a realtor. She has a seemingly divine insight into heart and soul of Mulmur. Ginny has a no nonsense approach to buying and selling and is a professional who attends to all the details.


    Doug Minett

  • Ginny was recommended to us by friends who had had a place in Mulmur for many years. We were immediately impressed with Ginny’s extensive knowledge of Mulmur and the Creemore area and her experience working with both buyers and sellers. With Ginny’s assistance we were able to identify what was really important to us in a country home and we are delighted with the property we purchased. Ginny and her husband Norm have also been a wonderful source of advice and assistance as we have been getting accustomed to country living.


    Scott Meredith and Liz Boyd

  • After many years of owning a ski chalet we decided, as we only had one reliable knee between the two of us, it was time to hang up the skis and go onto the next stage of our lives.


    We sat down and did the normal wish list which focused on type and attributes of the property, distance from our home in Toronto and the size as we have three grown children and two grandchildren so far.


    In a casual conversation with friends in Toronto they suggested we might speak to Ginny as she had a good handle on Mulmur property.


    We arranged a meeting which was at the side of the road in Duntroon and so began the adventure.


    It took about 5 minutes for Lani and Ginny to realize that they had been at high school together. There was lots of catching up to do but we soon got down to business.


    We gave Ginny our list of wishes and she then proceeded to show us what there was in the area that was vaguely in our price range. The inventory was pretty thin at that time and we had discussions as to whether we should consider building. We were against this as we felt the time lines were just too long. It was fairly obvious from the outset that we were nesters not perchers to use Ginny’s description.


    To cut a long story short Ginny advised us of an impending listing, we went to look at it, vacillated for a week or so and bought it for what we believed was a fair price.
    That certainly is only the bare bones of Ginny?s involvement. She introduced us to Jamie Pearson the architect and Fred Moshenko of Snowhaven Construction who helped us in conceptualizing the addition we needed and whom we subsequently used to design and build it.


    Ginny’s involvement did not end there. She invited us to several social occasions at her home including the famous annual cider pressing and made sure that we met the people in the area.


    Ginny and Norm are very active in community affairs and are a credit to the community.


    Would we recommend Ginny to our friends? We have already and should we contemplate another transaction she would absolutely be our first call.


    Charlie and Lani Moses

  • Dear Ginny,


    Jaime and I wanted to thank you for all of your help in connecting us with our “dream home” in the Mulmur Hills. You really took your time to find out what we were looking for, and between you and your staff gave us many options to look at. Your knowledge of the area, both the real estate and the landscape, were invaluable.


    Now that we are in our new home, you have been wonderful in introducing us to other “newcomers” and to some of the locals. Because you also live in the area you have been a great resource to help us feel connected and welcome.


    Thank you again for all of your help!



    Carol Wade and Jaime Alonso

  • Hi Ginny,


    We would like to thank you again for the smooth transaction in renting our home, for a one year period. We knew it would be a difficult “sell” for a rental period that short, but were certainly pleased with the efforts and results put forward by you and your team.


    Thanks again,

    Bill and Sue Spires

  • Dear Ginny,


    I would like to thank you on behalf of Sandy and myself for your stellar services in the sale of our Melancthon property. We greatly appreciated your patience, sensitivity and ability to seize the moment and make the deal. You handled the transaction with professionalism and integrity and we have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who would ask.


    Best wishes in all your future endeavours,

    Fred and Sandy Moshenko

  • I have contracted with Ginny MacEachern to help me rent my property in Mulmur Twp on three separate occasions.


    Ginny is an exemplary real estate agent. She is thorough, hardworking and accommodating. Ginny knows the Mulmur Hills market thoroughly, having a deep working knowledge of the area’s inhabitants (she and her family have farmed in the area for decades). As well Ginny has a sophisticated understanding of the Toronto real estate market that often drives the local market. She is well connected in both Toronto and the Mulmur Hills.


    Ginny has a team of people that she employs to back up her business, from a list of support staff who can clean a house, remove snow or do yard work to creating her virtual tour on her web site. Ginny is generous with her insight, professionalism and contacts. Ginny’s web site has worked well for me. Her knowledge of local opportunities such as the ski clubs, media and organizations such as Camp Borden has been indispensable.


    Ginny herself is tireless and committed and professional at all times. When showing my house she is discreet, creative and positive and has very good instincts for the fit of my property to prospective lessors.


    I have the feeling always that Ginny is committed to the best possible outcome for all concerned. Ginny is always fair. Since contracting with Ginny I feel as though I have a real powerhouse at my back. I feel confident that I am well represented when she shows my property and I feel confident following her advice. Ginny is worth every penny I have invested in her to help me meet my goals.


    If I ever sell my property, Ginny MacEachern will be my listing agent.


    Martha Bull

  • Our thanks to you goes back a year when you were watering the spring pansies at Chawntolee. You did much above and beyond what an agent would do. You treated the place like your own, and we thank you.


    All the best,

    Dawn Jamieson

  • Ginny MacEachern was such a huge help in selling our townhouse and finding our dream home in the country. She was great in walking us through the sale of our home, step by step. Which was great ’cause it was our first time selling. Then when she showed us our new home she was right on the money. We found more than we could ask for, for the perfect price.


    She was amazing with putting in our offer and what we needed to add to protect us. She really went above and beyond to be available whenever we needed her. She is a great agent and now a great friend and I would never use anyone else to help with the purchase or sale of a home.




  • Hello Ginny,


    Thank-you! I have worked with several different real estate agents over the last several years as I looked in different regions for a place out of the city for dark skies, long views, clear air and warm community.


    You stood out. Your straightforward ability to connect, sincere friendliness, prompt adept responsiveness, knowledge, professionalism and connections to able local professionals in related fields made it a great pleasure to work with you. I had no doubt I was in capable hands. I have already referred friends to you and will continue to do so.


    Warm regards,

    Sarah Freke

  • Now that the dust has settled and the sale of mom and dads’ farm is behind us, I want to thank you for your special effort in completing this complex transaction. I know that we tapped on all your special skills to ensure that the sale was completed to everyone’s satisfaction. As an estate sale it required a diplomatic touch.


    This is not an easy time to sell rural properties, particularly those at the upper end of the market. Even though we view Chawntolee as a most special and unique offering, it was a big challenge for you to communicate this message and to find the well suited buyer. As always, you were energetic and creative in your approach.


    Thanks for your guidance and help,

    Chuck Magwood

  • When Ari and I had the eureka moment that told us we needed to be in the Mulmur countryside, we knew that you were the one to help us. Your no-nonsense approach made the process easy and professional, and the twinkle in your eye made it fun. We appreciate your professionalism and your friendship.


    Tamar Kagan

  • Ginny was a great help in getting our property sold in Mulmur. Her dynamic personality, knowledge, and quick response to issues were important assets to a successful outcome. She is our ‘go to’ person for real estate in Mulmur.


    Diana and Nigel Dickson

  • When we decided to sell our home in midtown Toronto and make the move to country living I knew of only one person I trusted to help guide us through the huge transition, Ginny MacEachern. I have known Ginny for many years and although we were not looking to purchase in her familiar Mulmur area Ginny was so enthusiastic in helping us find our dream horse farm.


    I truly appreciated how she took the time to research the area we were looking to settle and get to know the lay of the land. As Ginny herself is a farm owner, she understood exactly what we were looking for and set realistic expectations as to what we would have to spend.


    We ended up buying a 9 acre horse farm with everything we wanted, and more, and paid a very fair price. The property we purchased had yet to go on the market and we are so glad we had the opportunity to see it before anyone else. For ease of transaction I would highly recommend Ginny to anyone looking to buy a country property.


    John and Melanie Tory, Sharon

  • Dear Ginny,


    We have known you as a friend and neighbour for over 25 years so it was a no-brainer who we would use as our real estate agent to sell our farm property in Mulmur.


    You appraised our property which you did promptly and efficiently.


    Shortly after, we had a neighbour drop by and say he was interested in our land and quickly made an offer to buy it. Naturally we were delighted but wondered how to tell you as you had lost a commission.


    You were absolutely delighted that we had an offer so quickly and painlessly and you played an important role in organizing the paperwork and negotiating the sale.


    I thank you Ginny, and wish you well in your professional career. Be assured of anyone asks us for a for a local real estate agent it will be you we recommend.


    Dan and Lowis Dunlop

  • Dear Ginny,


    Tony and I would like to thank you for all of your assistance and advice in purchasing farm properties in the Creemore area. You gave us very sound advice about what factors to consider when evaluating a country property as well as what criteria to put into the offer to purchase.


    Your familiarity with the area and its inhabitants – local and weekenders provided a good foundation for our making well informed decisions. You were very prompt and professional in anything that you did for us when purchasing and evaluating properties.


    I would also like to commend you on your ability to match tenants and owners. You were able to help us find good long term tenants that appreciate our properties as much as we do thus creating happy landlords and happy tenants! As we all know every tenant is not a good tenant so thank you for helping us find satisfied long term tenants.


    You are more than welcome to use our names as referrals for future transactions in the sale, purchase or rental of property.


    Best wishes,

    Anne and Tony Arrell

  • Ginny has been a friend for over 20 years and more recently a client in my equestrian boarding barn. Her reputation is that she is one of the most solid and reputable real-estate agents in our area. My decision to use Ginny as my agent was made with complete comfort and knowledge that I had the best person working for me.


    Ginny went the extra mile for me with hosting an open house (which also included lunch), her custom made signs that were appropriate for this unique sale and her continued advertising in several real-estate magazines in our area and in Toronto.


    Her attention to detail is beyond reproach. Nothing is ever missed. Her professional attitude and her respect within the real-estate community brought the attention of our farm to several companies, ultimately leading to a final sale.


    Her caring nature walked us through the entire process of endless paperwork and lawyers with ease. I felt I truly had a professional looking out for my best interests and cared continually how I felt and if I was content with each transaction.


    Thank you Ginny for your consideration, care and attention in helping me handle an emotional sale with ease.


    Darlene Tripp-Simms

  • We have known Ginny as a neighbour and friend for many years. A few years ago, we completed a real estate transaction and with her energetic and enthusiastic assistance did so again this year.


    Ginny was a major support to us a while ago, as we worked through the various government agencies to obtain the needed requirement. Her generosity with knowledge, time, and patience during this difficult time for us was very much appreciated.


    Ginny always kept us informed, and we value her experience and encouragement.


    Thanks again, Ginny!

    Sharon and Albert Meeser

  • Several years ago my dogs and I had the good fortune to spend several weekends with friends at their country home in the Mulmur area. I was thrilled and astonished to discover; rolling green valleys, forests; farms, private estates, an abundance of properties very large ponds, a vibrant community and all within an hour and a half from Toronto.


    When I shared with my friends that I felt strongly that owning a home in this area would be a fit for me and my lifestyle they replied that they knew just the agent to recommend Ginny MacEachern (the agent who found them their dream property too). I put in a call and we were out looking at homes the next day.


    I liked Ginny as a person and respected her way of doing business right away. Ginny is a straight shooter who has her ear to the ground, she knows what properties are for sale, what may be coming up for sale and often historical information on the properties and the surrounding areas.


    As a business owner myself her integrity around her word and her commitment to responding to phone and email messages within 24 hours was very much a bonus. When she shared with me her passion and involvement in the Mulmur/ Melancthon community events I wanted to move in immediately; now there was just to find the right property.


    Ginny sent me off to do my homework; to put to paper what I was and was not looking for in my home and surroundings and a price range I was realistically working with. We looked at many properties and I even considered putting in an offer on one but it didn’t quite satisfy all the criteria that I had listed.


    Approximately 6 months into our process I got the call. Ginny said ‘I found it. A property has gone on the market today and it’s yours; it has all the requirements you were looking for and more and I truly think it is the right home for you’. Ginny recommended I go immediately to see the property as it was very fairly priced too. Cutting a trip short and flying back I was there in the afternoon. I new from the moment that I drove up the long treed private drive that opened up to a clearing where the house and a very generous pond were found that I was home. On Ginny’s recommendation knowing I had fallen in love I made an offer that day and it was accepted.


    This was 4 years ago and I still say that buying a home in the Melancthon area that I can travel to weekly to be in nature, where friends and family can easily visit, where I am part of a community that is committed to inclusion, mutual respect and healthy living was the best decision I have ever made. I truly believe that who Ginny is and how she worked WITH me had this dream come true in the manner it did.


    I am thrilled to say Ginny and her family have become a joyful part of my life and without hesitation I would recommend Ginny as the agent to buy, sell or rent a property in the area. Be careful what you ask for though; I recently mentioned at a social event that ‘I wouldn’t mind rented my place for ski season’ and of course Ginny found me quality renters in just a few months time.


    Beth Halstead

  • Both in buying and in selling real estate, Ginny is exceptional in her integrity and in the level of professional care she delivers to her clients. When we finally bought our “this is it!” piece of country heaven twenty-three years ago, as our agent she had led us to that point with patience, enthusiasm, and a thorough and experienced eye to the details that matter. Not only did Ginny possess a keen sense of “the right fit” for her clients, her commitment to our comfort in settling in, even as weekenders, continued long after our purchase.


    When it came time to sell the farm, Ginny was our preferred choice amongst all the agents, and in her own sensitive and caring way understood all too well just how emotionally difficult this would be. Her compassionate professionalism was underscored by her enormous desire to help in packing, sorting, and being a shoulder to the sadness of leaving. Few are the agents who actually become a good friend. That in itself is testimony to the qualities that make Ginny the exceptional choice.


    Nancy Falconer

  • Thanks Ginny, for helping to make the sale of the property a positive experience. Your knowledge and expertise was much appreciated.


    Joan Morby

  • When our family decided we wanted to find a weekend home in Mulmur, we contacted Ginny because we had heard that she was one of the top agent’s in the area. We were not disappointed. We have experienced first hand the advantages of working with a dedicated agent who lives and works in Mulmur. When we were not sure exactly what we were looking for, Ginny was able to show us a variety of properties, each with different attributes so that we could narrow down what we wanted.


    She is a great source of information on all of the “goings on” in the area, from updates on the potential quarry, the best place to pick up a wheelbarrow, to local events. Ginny is enthusiastic, responsive, and did a great job … we are now delighted to be part of the Mulmur community.


    Thanks Ginny for all your advice!


    Barbara and Alistair Crawley

  • Ginny,


    Now that we are getting nearer to the closing date for the sale of our house in Creemore, Heather and I just wanted to thank you so much for helping us in listing and selling the house. We really appreciate all of the work that you did that resulted in a very efficient sale of our home. We believe that the house was listed at a very attractive and fair price and the needs of both parties were accommodated, a necessary part of any good business transaction.


    We especially appreciated the fact that you always listened carefully to everything that we wanted to say and that you paid such careful attention to all of the myriad of details that go into selling a home. Thank you also for meeting with us so many times and for returning all of our phone calls so promptly. Your extensive knowledge of the local real estate market was crucial to completing a sale.


    We are looking forward to working with you again in April and May as we look for another home in the Georgian Triangle. We are counting on your guidance and expertise.


    Thank you again!

    Bob and Heather Coulter

  • Ginny,


    This is the second occasion for us to do business with you. Again, you did an excellent job and provided us with outstanding service.


    After seeing a country home listed in Mulmur, we called you to help us navigate through its purchase.
    The transaction was not simple. We had major concerns in a number of areas. You took ample time to explain all items of concern and advise us in a professional and responsive manner. You helped us understand and successfully negotiate all of our key issues.
    We were very pleased with your responsiveness and your high level of personal service. Your guidance and advice was tremendously valuable as we went through the purchase process.


    Now we have taken possession and we are “moved in”. We are both very pleased with this new country home and look forward to very enjoyable times with family and friends.


    Thanks for your help.


    Pat and Nick, Oakville

  • Ginny,


    When we first connected with you, we had provided you with our wish list, setting out our ideal property and the features that we wanted. A few weeks later on a beautiful sunny day, May 2012, we were walking on a property and you were presenting and showing me and my wife very enthusiastically different parts of the property. This idyllic sunny day, we unknowingly arrived at our new property as we walked overlooking the scenery and in awe of seeing a dream come true.


    Ginny are an integral part of making our farm dreams come true.You were patient and considerate and ensured that a fair outcome was had for everyone involved. I appreciate your hard working for client and your community sensitivity as well as your engagement. We would confidently recommend Ginny as a wonderful partner in finding your dream property.


    The bests.


    Babak Mortazavi M.Arch, President TAS DesignBuild

  • Ginny,


    I know we are adding our names to a long list of positive referrals for Ginny. The truth is that Ginny is Mulmur. Straight forward and matter-of-fact, she is a friendly force in the community who found us our piece of paradise.


    Michael Mackenzie and Mayumi Seiler

  • In June I listed and sold my country home through Ginny MacEachern at Royal LePage. There were several showings and a quick, clean offer which I accepted after considerable negotiation. I believe the house showed so well because of the preparation, including price setting, and the staging that Ginny helped me with before listing. The photographs and video created by Erica at The Virtual Tour Co showed the house and gardens to their best advantage. As well, we created a huge file of information including the Seller Property Information Statement, which was available for agents and prospective buyers. The lead up to the closing proved to be difficult and complicated. I commend Ginny for helping me through that situation with understanding and professionalism. Without hesitation, I would recommend Ginny as a fine, knowledgeable realtor.


    Kathy Sammy

  • Dear Ginny,


    Shirley & I would like to thank you for all of your hard work to sell our farm. You went “above & beyond” in your efforts, and when showing it, you must have walked the farm more in the last year than we did in 10 years.


    Thanks again,


    All the best,

    Ray Mathews

  • Dear Ginny,


    Many thanks from the Gordon family to Ginny and her team for introducing us to the joys of owning in Mulmur. Ginny showed us a variety of different types of properties which allowed us to really focus on what was important to us as buyers. We got a very good sense of what was on the market through dealing with Ginny and, moreover, what represented good value given recent precedents. It was a very good buying experience.


    Barry Gordon

  • Ginny recently helped us to find a rental property in the township. We had fallen in love with the area on past weekend visits and knew that we wanted to extend our experience. As first timers, Ginny helped us clarify what we were looking for and showed us several options. It’s clear that Ginny has deep knowledge of the area, but more importantly she is passionate about it as well and wants to share this with others.


    Ginny has a straightforward style that makes her very easy to work with. We would look forward to working with her again and would not hesitate to recommend her.


    Clare Brown & Derek de Gannes