• After many years of owning a ski chalet we decided, as we only had one reliable knee between the two of us, it was time to hang up the skis and go onto the next stage of our lives.


    We sat down and did the normal wish list which focused on type and attributes of the property, distance from our home in Toronto and the size as we have three grown children and two grandchildren so far.


    In a casual conversation with friends in Toronto they suggested we might speak to Ginny as she had a good handle on Mulmur property.


    We arranged a meeting which was at the side of the road in Duntroon and so began the adventure.


    It took about 5 minutes for Lani and Ginny to realize that they had been at high school together. There was lots of catching up to do but we soon got down to business.


    We gave Ginny our list of wishes and she then proceeded to show us what there was in the area that was vaguely in our price range. The inventory was pretty thin at that time and we had discussions as to whether we should consider building. We were against this as we felt the time lines were just too long. It was fairly obvious from the outset that we were nesters not perchers to use Ginny’s description.


    To cut a long story short Ginny advised us of an impending listing, we went to look at it, vacillated for a week or so and bought it for what we believed was a fair price.
    That certainly is only the bare bones of Ginny?s involvement. She introduced us to Jamie Pearson the architect and Fred Moshenko of Snowhaven Construction who helped us in conceptualizing the addition we needed and whom we subsequently used to design and build it.


    Ginny’s involvement did not end there. She invited us to several social occasions at her home including the famous annual cider pressing and made sure that we met the people in the area.


    Ginny and Norm are very active in community affairs and are a credit to the community.


    Would we recommend Ginny to our friends? We have already and should we contemplate another transaction she would absolutely be our first call.


    Charlie and Lani Moses