• Ginny,


    Now that we are getting nearer to the closing date for the sale of our house in Creemore, Heather and I just wanted to thank you so much for helping us in listing and selling the house. We really appreciate all of the work that you did that resulted in a very efficient sale of our home. We believe that the house was listed at a very attractive and fair price and the needs of both parties were accommodated, a necessary part of any good business transaction.


    We especially appreciated the fact that you always listened carefully to everything that we wanted to say and that you paid such careful attention to all of the myriad of details that go into selling a home. Thank you also for meeting with us so many times and for returning all of our phone calls so promptly. Your extensive knowledge of the local real estate market was crucial to completing a sale.


    We are looking forward to working with you again in April and May as we look for another home in the Georgian Triangle. We are counting on your guidance and expertise.


    Thank you again!

    Bob and Heather Coulter