• Several years ago my dogs and I had the good fortune to spend several weekends with friends at their country home in the Mulmur area. I was thrilled and astonished to discover; rolling green valleys, forests; farms, private estates, an abundance of properties very large ponds, a vibrant community and all within an hour and a half from Toronto.


    When I shared with my friends that I felt strongly that owning a home in this area would be a fit for me and my lifestyle they replied that they knew just the agent to recommend Ginny MacEachern (the agent who found them their dream property too). I put in a call and we were out looking at homes the next day.


    I liked Ginny as a person and respected her way of doing business right away. Ginny is a straight shooter who has her ear to the ground, she knows what properties are for sale, what may be coming up for sale and often historical information on the properties and the surrounding areas.


    As a business owner myself her integrity around her word and her commitment to responding to phone and email messages within 24 hours was very much a bonus. When she shared with me her passion and involvement in the Mulmur/ Melancthon community events I wanted to move in immediately; now there was just to find the right property.


    Ginny sent me off to do my homework; to put to paper what I was and was not looking for in my home and surroundings and a price range I was realistically working with. We looked at many properties and I even considered putting in an offer on one but it didn’t quite satisfy all the criteria that I had listed.


    Approximately 6 months into our process I got the call. Ginny said ‘I found it. A property has gone on the market today and it’s yours; it has all the requirements you were looking for and more and I truly think it is the right home for you’. Ginny recommended I go immediately to see the property as it was very fairly priced too. Cutting a trip short and flying back I was there in the afternoon. I new from the moment that I drove up the long treed private drive that opened up to a clearing where the house and a very generous pond were found that I was home. On Ginny’s recommendation knowing I had fallen in love I made an offer that day and it was accepted.


    This was 4 years ago and I still say that buying a home in the Melancthon area that I can travel to weekly to be in nature, where friends and family can easily visit, where I am part of a community that is committed to inclusion, mutual respect and healthy living was the best decision I have ever made. I truly believe that who Ginny is and how she worked WITH me had this dream come true in the manner it did.


    I am thrilled to say Ginny and her family have become a joyful part of my life and without hesitation I would recommend Ginny as the agent to buy, sell or rent a property in the area. Be careful what you ask for though; I recently mentioned at a social event that ‘I wouldn’t mind rented my place for ski season’ and of course Ginny found me quality renters in just a few months time.


    Beth Halstead