• Ginny,


    When we first connected with you, we had provided you with our wish list, setting out our ideal property and the features that we wanted. A few weeks later on a beautiful sunny day, May 2012, we were walking on a property and you were presenting and showing me and my wife very enthusiastically different parts of the property. This idyllic sunny day, we unknowingly arrived at our new property as we walked overlooking the scenery and in awe of seeing a dream come true.


    Ginny are an integral part of making our farm dreams come true.You were patient and considerate and ensured that a fair outcome was had for everyone involved. I appreciate your hard working for client and your community sensitivity as well as your engagement. We would confidently recommend Ginny as a wonderful partner in finding your dream property.


    The bests.


    Babak Mortazavi M.Arch, President TAS DesignBuild