About Ginny

My husband Norm and I found our 200 acre farm in the north part of the township in 1972, and moved in to our home with our 5 year old son, Andrew, our 3 year old daughter Heather and our two month old daughter Ayrlie, May 15th, 1973. Our last daughter, Alex was born in 1982.


Our Victorian brick farmhouse, built in 1889, was in need of much repair. We set out to bring it back to its former beauty, as well as planting an apple orchard, tons of trees around the house, and repair and replace acres of fencing.


Our children benefited immeasurably from the rural experience as they grew up. They all worked in their own business of lawn care in Mulmur as teens, and learned the invaluable lessons in having chickens, lambs, cattle and horses on the farm. Our grandchildren Bryn, Hannah, Cade, Noah, Charlie, and Jack are now loving time spent at the farm with their pony, and the cycle continues with Mulmur as the family setting.


A life extender? I think so! Having first been a teacher, I then chose to make rural real estate my second career, so that I could be an “at home” mum, while spending working time doing what I loved. Walking the hills, climbing into barn mows, driving up more laneways than the tax assessor, and looking for that “perfect property” for my urban clients.


Because of the trust and confidence placed in me, and those ever-so-important word of mouth referrals over the years, 42 years later, I am still working full time and still loving what I do. I have said that I’ll be the only 90 year old real estate agent still roaring up the hills, but with a walker and two hearing aids! Anyone who knows me will not be surprised.