My goals for this website are as follows: to promote my listings, to show property owners and prospective buyers what has sold in the area, so they are aware of current trends and data, and to provide a forum for information on what is happening in the Mulmur/ Creemore area. With the gradual disappearance of the local General Store, (once the centre of information exchange), I feel that letting people know what is going on in the area is important.


By way of introduction, I have been a property owner in the Township of Mulmur for 45 years, and for 42 of those years I have been selling a life style in the area.


It is easy to sell something you believe in, and I happen to think this Township and the surrounding hill country is a slice of heaven.


I have always said that owning property here is a life extender, and I am happy to have been part of so many peoples’ lifestyle changes over the years.


Because of the trust and confidence placed in me, and those ever-so-important word of mouth referrals over the years, 42 years later, I am still working full time and still loving what I do. I have said that I’ll be the only 90 year old real estate agent still roaring up the hills, but with a walker and two hearing aids! Anyone who knows me will not be surprised.